Philippe Martinez helms new action thriller – VIKTOR (a.k.a. Turquoise)

Director - Philippe Martinez

Director – Philippe Martinez

VIKTOR (a.k.a. Turquoise) is a true and pure action movie, yet the main character Victor Lambert is so strong and so sensitive. I was thinking of Gérard Depardieu when I wrote this film. He was my inspiration when I wrote this script. VIKTOR (a.k.a. Turquoise) is a passionate crime noir thriller, this is the kind of film that I love the most. I wanted to create a character who was ruthless in his struggle to avenge his son’s death.


Moscow, this beautiful city, is similar to the main character in my film: grand, artistic, romantic, and formidable. I want to show the beauty and richness of Moscow’s art through sensuality, particularly in the scenes between Viktor and Alexandra, because Moscow is bubbling with creative energy and warmth. Moscow, with its architecture, museums, and galleries offers a stunning setting which is essential to the film, since our hero loves art. Its ambiance allows this tragedy to achieve its full aesthetic potential. It is a tragedy which nonetheless ends well because love saves Victor and offers him a new chance, a new start in life. As a director, I am fortunate to have Gerard Depardieu, an extraordinary actor that I wanted to do this film… a film legend. I’m honored that I will shoot in Moscow, a sublime city. How could I not be inspired? What else? You will soon see … on the big screen …

About the Director

Philippe Martinez began his career as director of the Théâtre de l’Odéon in Marseille, France. He then became a film producer in the United States, and produced more than 30 films including “Modigliani” with Andy Garcia, “Land of the Blind” with Ralf Fiennes and Donald Sutherland, “I Could Never Be Your Woman” with Michelle Pfeiffer.

In 2005 he directed “Wake of Death” with Jean Claude Van Damme, which was a huge commercial success and earned him an enthusiastic reception from critics. He also became an international film distributor and signed distribution agreements in North America with the prestigious MGM.
In 2010, he produced “Game of Death“ with Wesley Snipes for Sony, and directed “The Chaos Experiment“ with Val Kilmer.

In the United States, all the films he has produced have been distributed by MGM, SONY, THE WEINSTEIN COMPANY, UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP, VIACOM and MIRAMAX. In early 2012, he decided to devote his career to writing and directing and wrote VIKTOR (a.k.a. Turquoise). Philippe is a graduate Of The National Academy Of Dramatic Art in Marseille.